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MultiSenses – MultiScales

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The aims of program

The goal of the RTG MultiSenses – MultiScales is to gain a conceptual understanding of the mechanisms that govern crossmodal integration of sensory information at multiple scales.

  • Will provide in-depth expertise in sensory neurobiology

  • Foster the spirit of transdisciplinary collaboration

  • Offer hands-on training in a variety of cutting-edge techniques.

We aim to train expert individuals that make the transition from cells to systems and behavior. A coherent, though flexible curriculum will build a solid foundation in the core concepts of neuroscience. Combined with innovative qualification elements, professional skill development and – most importantly – the opportunity to conduct independent research in a nurturing environment, we aim to train neuroscientists that can compete at the highest international level.

RTG partners

Collective interests among RTG faculty range from cellular neurophysiology to circuit, systems and clinical neuroscience, cognition, and behavior as well as computational neuroscience, advanced image analysis, and simulation.