Finally, after two virtual retreats our RTG was able to meet in person again!

The longing for a meeting was clearly felt at our first retreat in person since the start of the pandemic.
From the 2nd to the 4th of December we were guests at the Dorint Hotel in Düren (of course under 2G+ conditions). Here we could warmly welcome the 2nd generation PhD students, who started only a few weeks before, to RTG2416. At the same time the new PhDs could present already their future project plans in short flash talks. In addition, some 1st generation students as well as some of the PIs had the chance to present their research and progress in their own talks. Also worth mentioning are the professionally organized communication workshops that further enhanced our cohesion. The whole program was rounded off by the outstanding plenary lectures by Prof. Dr. Gaia Novarino from the Institute of Science and Technology Austria and by Prof. Dr. Patrik Verstreken from the Center for Brain & Disease Research, VIB-KU Leuven, Belgium. The newly implemented student-speaker reception, which allows the doctoral students exclusive time with our plenary speakers was a well received.
We all enjoyed the time to discuss projects, find new cooperation partners or simply get to know each other better.
For those who could not come to the retreat in person, we made it possible for them to still follow the talks and presentation virtually in a hybrid form. Thus, despite the difficult circumstances, we did everything possible to make the retreat such a success.

We as coordinators would like to thank all participants and the hotel for their support in organizing this great meeting! Meeting in person is so valuable to facilitate discussions and cooperation and we hope to see you all soon in person again!

Have a very nice Christmas time and a happy new year 2022!