Dr. María Sol Fustiñana – RTG2416 Seminar Series

2021-06-30T11:14:32+02:00June 30th, 2021|

Dr. María Sol Fustiñana Friedrich Miescher Institute (FMI)/Basel We are very happy to announce our next guest Dr. María Sol Fustiñana Gueler from the FMI in Basel within the RTG2416 Seminar Series.  She will inform us about: “Encoding of social behavior in the amygdala” Time: Thursday, July 8 th 2021, 17:15 (CET) Via [...]

Prof. Mark Schnitzer – RTG2416 Seminar Series

2021-06-16T16:23:02+02:00June 11th, 2021|

Prof. Mark Schnitzer Stanford University Sebastian was once again successful in bringing in a top-class guest speaker from Stanford University to our RTG2416 Seminar Series. We are thrilled to welcome Prof. Mark Schnitzer virtually on Thursday, June 17th at 5pm (CET). As usual, the talk will take place in Zoom: Prof. Mark Schnitzer [...]

Dr. Maximilian Jösch – RTG2416 Seminar Series

2021-06-07T13:25:22+02:00June 7th, 2021|

Dr. Maximilian Jösch IST Austria We are looking very much forward to our next guest within the RTG2416 Seminar Series Dr. Maximilian Jösch from the IST Austria. He will teach us about  "Retinal adaptation to the global structure of natural scenes" on this Thursday, the 10th of June 2021 at 5:15 pm (CET). [...]

Prof. Liqun Luo

2021-04-15T01:04:20+02:00April 14th, 2021|

Prof. Liqun Luo Stanford University We are more than happy to announce that Prof. Liqun Luo from Stanford University is following the inivtation by Sebastian to our RTG2416 seminar series. He will give a talk about "Wiring Specificity of Neural Circuits" next Thursday, the 15. April 2021 at 5:15 pm. Please contact Oke [...]

Dr. Matt Grubb

2021-03-26T15:53:48+01:00March 26th, 2021|

Dr. Matt Grubb King's College London We are very much looking forward to the talk of Dr. Matt Grubb from the King's college in London with the topic: Neuronal plasticity induced by brief sensory deprivation Apr 9th, 2021 (Friday) 05:15 PM (CET) Via Zoom (for meeting details please contact Oke Nommensen) Check out [...]

Dr. Laura Cancedda

2021-03-22T10:33:37+01:00March 19th, 2021|

Dr. Laura Cancedda Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Genova/Italy We are delighted that the next talk within the RTG2416 seminar series will be held by Dr. Laura Cancedda: TreatingNeurodevelopmental Disorders: Challenges, issues, problems, concerns, difficulties, harms, worries, But We Need to Start from Somewhere. March 25th 2021 (Thursday) 4:30 pm (CET) Via Zoom (for [...]

Dr. Asya Rolls

2021-02-26T15:09:05+01:00February 26th, 2021|

Dr. Asya Rolls TECHNION - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa/Israel We are thrilled to announce the next talk within the RTG2416 seminar series. This time, Dr. Asya Rolls will tell us about: Manipulating the brain to control immunity March 4th 2021 (Thursday) 5:15 pm (CET) Via Zoom (for meeting details please contact Oke [...]

Prof. Dr. Jan Gründemann

2021-02-17T18:35:49+01:00February 12th, 2021|

Prof. Dr. Jan Gründemann DZNE in Bonn With pleasure we would like to announce, that Jenice could win Prof. Gründemann from the DZNE in Bonn to present his research work within the RTG2416 seminar series: Imaging deep: Sensory and state coding in subcortical circuits February 18th 2021 (Thursday) 5:00 pm (CET) Via Zoom [...]

Dr. Pieter Goltstein

2021-02-17T18:29:24+01:00February 11th, 2021|

Dr. Pieter Goltstein Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology, Martinsried We are very happy to announce the next talk within the RTG2416 seminar series by Pieter Goltstein: Representation of learned visual categories in mouse visual and higher cortical areas February 11th 2021 (Thursday) 5:15 pm Via Zoom (for meeting details please contact Oke Nommensen) [...]

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