Officially, the Research Training Group 2416 MultiSensens-MultiScales started in October 2018  and the first PhDs are already fully engaged in their projects. Meanwhile others have just started their projects. We thought were now most of the members are in place, it was the right time to properly kick off RTG2416.

Therefore, we met for the Official Kick-Off of the RTG2416 MultiSenses-MultiScales on May 16, 2019 at Abdij Rolduc in Kekrade/NL.

The event started with talks by PhD students Alexander Bexter and Renata Medinaceli, in which they presented their projects in detail.
In order to get an overview of all projects and to train different forms of presentation, the other PhDs had the opportunity to present their projects through flash talks and poster presentations.

In the following, the scientific hunger was further satisfied by two excellent lectures.
Prof. Ileana Hanganu-Opatz from the ZMN Hamburg gave us a deeper insight into the topic “Uni-and multisensory processing and ontogeny”, while Prof. Jan Siemens from the University of Heidelberg enlightened us on the topic “Processing and integration of sensory information from the outside world and the interior environment“.

The evening was then rounded off with dinner at the restaurant of Abdij Rolduc.

All in all a successful day after which we look forward to the years ahead in RTG2416.