As a highlight within the Mercator Fellow visit from Prof. Greg Stuart (Australian National University) we invited several other outstanding researchers from the field of neuronal signalling, processing and  sensation to the RTG2416 Symposium Cortical Sensations.

Guests are very welcome to join the talks by:

Greg Stuart ANU Canberra, Australia
Cellular and circuit mechanism underlying binocular vision

Michael Häusser UCL London, UK
All-optical interrogation of neural circuits during behaviour

Johannes Letzkus MPI Frankfurt
Processing of Top-Down Information in Layer 1 of Auditory Cortex

Asli Ayaz Uni Zurich, Switzerland
Sensorimotor integration in primary sensory cortices

Marc Spehr RWTH Aachen
Synchronous infra-slow oscillations organize ensembles of accessory olfactory bulb projection
neurons into distinct microcircuits

Zoology Institute RWTH Aachen
Seminar Room 1.011
Worringerweg 3, Aachen

4th October; 10 am – 4:30pm
After the talks we will meet for a BBQ at Adamshäuschen at 18h
For info please contact: Björn Kampa (