Sep 2019

September 2019, A successful Women in Academia Day

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In August, we hosted our first Women in Academia Day which turned out to be a great success. All speakers allowed us insight into some interesting statistics about women in academia, their individual career paths and sometimes shared very personal experiences. Thank you for this! It will surely be helpful for all students.

Sep 2019

RTG2416 Symposium – Cortical Sensations

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As a highlight within the Mercator Fellow visit from Prof. Greg Stuart (Australian National University) we invited several other outstanding researchers from the field of neuronal signalling, processing and  sensation to the RTG2416 Symposium Cortical Sensations. Guests are very welcome to join the talks by: Greg Stuart ANU Canberra, Australia Cellular and circuit mechanism underlying binocular vision Michael Häusser UCL London, UK All-optical interrogation of neural circuits during behaviour Johannes Letzkus MPI Frankfurt Processing of Top-Down Information in Layer [...]

May 2019

RTG2416 Kick-Off – A succesful start

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Officially, the Research Training Group 2416 MultiSensens-MultiScales started in October 2018  and the first PhDs are already fully engaged in their projects. Meanwhile others have just started their projects. We thought were now most of the members are in place, it was the right time to properly kick off RTG2416. Therefore, we met for the Official Kick-Off of the RTG2416 MultiSenses-MultiScales on May 16, 2019 at Abdij Rolduc in Kekrade/NL. The event started with talks by PhD students Alexander Bexter [...]

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